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you may say i'm a dreamer

over two years ago i went to see tool perform- maynard didn't speak much, all i remember is something at the end and earlier when he said the usual "think for yourself. queston authority." my friend joked about this afterward- that we couldn't actually be thinking for yourself as a result of what he said because he told us to.

you can pick out holes like this all the time in anything. but when they say those words "THINK FOR YOURSELF. QUESTION AUTHORITY" does it mean anything to you as a listener? i've never needed to- i got my liberation from listening to the music in general. never really thought about it. yet, in the back of my mind i thought it contradictory. the music in general has this message- so why does he say it? is it for those who don't get it? but then, what good does it do if they are not actually thinking for themselves just doing what someone told them to. if you need someone to tell you to think for yourself, then you're not thinking for yourself. so why does he say it?
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