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an unedited thought on "the third eye"

one of the most endearing qualities of "the third eye" is the rhythm- it is also an incredibly haunting quality, the song itself has a ghostly essence that can give you goosebumps if you're in the right mood. this is obvious, but the reason why i love the rhythm of this song has either eluded me up until now or i hadn't thought about it. but i have found that this rhythm seems to be representative of the human body. the opening resembles a heartbeat, and the guitar line reminds me of breathing or the rhythm of bodily functions; but specifically when maynard first sings "so good to see you..." the guitar makes this very up and down, in and out, type sound that very much resembles breathing.
often times when i listen to this song, i envision something out there, metaphysical. but i'm beginning to think the purpose of the song is very physical. instead of thinking of being in outer space, think of your own body. think of the flesh of it, the murkiness, like being underwater, in a womb. this song is like being wrapped in something living, which we are, we are alive, we are flesh, but it's looking at your own body from a different perspective. not only being in your body, but understanding what that means. being a part of it. "the third eye" shows how the mind is just as integral to the body as the brain, perhaps even more so. your mind (not just the brain) has a hand in your body's functions, it is, or should be, in tune with these functions.
or perhaps it's the other way around, your body is part of your mind. or outer space. maybe it's the same thing.
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