lazy snake (drunkencarousal) wrote in toolistruth,
lazy snake

nothing could beat complete denial

i want to say this to start off. i realize that point of this community is to appreciate all of tool- such as every member. too many people focus too much on maynard james keenan, or worse focus on him in the wrong ways. and it's important to know there is more to a band that it's frontman. it's frustrating to see this happen.

however, you can be crazy about maynard keenan in here if that's the way you feel. your are allowed to proclaim that you long to meet him, that you get that fuzzy feeling when you look at his picture (this is a little confession of my own by the way). because let's face it, you can't help but focus on the frontman, he is the center figure of his band by default. partically one who injects so much of himself into the music. maynard is intelligent, incredibly charismatic- an amazing leader. what do you expect? but he has made a conscious decision not to abuse that, and i think we as fans should respect that.

so what i'm saying here, don't stifle yourselves for the benefit of political correctness. it's unhealthy. but out of decency to a person you admire, keep yourselves in check
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