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toolistruth has addressed the track reordering and fibonacci sequence of lateralus in response to an e-mail to the stie. there are a lot of different versions of this theory, and this e-mail is just one of them. i only have that part of it here, but the rest on the website involves other e-mails about rumors regarding the band and the replies. it's funny shit, be sure to check it out.

"We've all heard the rumours about some "Holy Gift" and its inherent track reordering. Every reordering I've seen online or heard suggested has either split connected tracks (Parabol/Parabola) or ruined the flow of the album as a whole. Until now. It's all so clear. If the band did not intend this, then my overly active math brain deserves a jolt of Dopamine. If the band did intend this, kudos to them for such a wonderful - if not quite "Holy" - gift!

The Fibonacci Sequence is all important in fully realizing Lateralus. So too, is this numerical wonder necessary when deciding the chronology of the album's tracks. Beginning with the Fibonacci numbered tracks, and ending with the non-Fibonacci numbered tracks, Lateralus flows like tears of joy.

The new order: Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 (if you wish, tho I usually don't), 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12.

The Patient's gentle vocal exit meanders softly into Schism's early depths. Schism's drum flurry finale follows with Ticks' beginning beat. After experiencing Schism's ending, my energy is so raised that Parabol - though I do love the song and its partner - is like a whimper when I want a roar. Of course, after two high energy tracks I need the break to Ches..I, I mean Mantra. Parabol slowly lifts you out of Mantra's calm, while Parabola's sweet guitar outro leads directly into Lateralis' guitar intro. The final 3 are undisturbed. Of course, that's just my interpretation.

P.S. Is it reading too deeply to think that Eon Blue Apocalypse should be replaced with the live version of Pushit? In both EBA and Faaip's stead, Pushit (sans spoken intro) fits quite nicely onto one 80 minute CD, though just barely."


(NOTE: For the rearrangement of track listings also see "The Depth of Lateralus.") I think this whole business of the "Holy Gift" or alternate track orders stemmed from a copy of "Lateralus" that was auctioned off on ebay last year. This was one of the special copies made for band members and their friends. I believe only about 20 or so copies of this particular version of Lateralus were made. At any rate, the track listing, certain parts of the music, and effects on these are different from both the so-called "Holy Gift" and the current emailer's "definitive track order.". As for the last part, the answer is: Simply put, it is, but, as the saying goes - whatever floats your boat... works.
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